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Branding & Website Redesign for Social Investment Platform

Impactraction is a web platform that connects investors and innovators who drive social change. It incorporates a framework that measures the social impact and helps connect with potential investors.



Website Redesign

Method & Tools

Pencil, Paper, Adobe Illustrator and XD


Graphic Designer

Web UI Designer


July, 2020


1. Branding

Identify Problem

Due to the lengthy brand name, it was very tough to reach out to the well-balanced brand logo. So, I started to search for techniques to solve this visual challenge, looking into the vast amount of references.

Solution & Outcome

What I decided in this phase to tackle this challenge is to (a.)use different typefaces and font thickness for ‘Impact’ and ‘raction’ respectively, (b.)use a condensed typeface, (c.)make the logotype simple as possible and (d.)express the brand identity in the logomark. Through numerous drafts, it’s successfully created with the right feeling of their identity.

Macbook White.png
2. Website Redesign

Identify Problem

  • The existing landing page had issues with brand identity due to unclear and inconsistent brand colors.

  • The information hierarchy was disorganized, making it difficult for users to grasp the contents at a glance.

  • ​Must-needed information, such as subtitles and related link buttons, was missing, leading to a poor user experience.

  • The website lacked a professional appearance, which affected the reliability and trustworthiness of the service.

Solution & Outcome

Using the new brand guidelines, which provide a clear and professional brand identity, I aimed to create a consistent and professional look throughout the website. Through the redesign of the text dummy and organizing content with a hierarchy, we were able to improve the user's readability.

01 - Homepage.png

About Us

02 - About Us.png

How it works

03 - How It Works (Entrepreneurs).png

How it works

03 - How It Works (Investors).png

Impact Stories

04 - Impact Stories.png

Contact Us

05 - Contact Us.png
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