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Re-branding Pharmaceutical Distributor: Jeil-Pharm

This project shows the ability and design process to build a new visual identity in consideration of the client's mission, brand personality, and brand image.


Branding Project, Graphic Design

Method & Tools

Pencil, Paper, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketch


Graphic Designer


March 2018




JeilPharm is Korean company that has been distributing specialized medicine and medical supplies to local hospitals and medical institutions for over 20 years. With the establishment of a new office building in June 2018, the need for a new branding strategy emerged. They wanted to abandon their old-fashioned brand image and become a refined and professional pharmaceutical distributor through new branding.

Design Process

Research – Sketching – Execution & Revision – Finalizing


I started visual identity work with deep research of brand metaphors and attributes, and came up with twenty attributes to describe the company, and finally reached the three strong attributes: love, medical, and J-letter.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 1.39.43 AM.png


To get the right feeling of a visual identity of JEIL PHARM, the endless draft was repeated. As always, I was obsessed with the details for reaching perfectly balanced and solid shapes.



Through numerous drafts, I successfully created a well-balanced logo with aesthetic shapes. The logo consists of three metaphors: love, medical, and J-letter. 


Finalizing & Application

The final logo not only has the industrial and contemporary look-and-feel, but also embrace the identity of JEILPHARM. As the main colour, I chose Brilliant amaranth, which gives feeling passion and love, and Dark Blue to represent trustworthiness and responsibility. It was applied on the name card, envelope, and the exterior of their new building. 

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