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Redesigning Website of TeamSuperFunny

This project shows the experience of a collaborative interactive media project and UI skillset for redesigning website.


Web Design,

Digital Strategy

Method & Tools

Adobe XD,


Team members

Elizabeth Heller, Elizabeth Morran, Greeshma Marry, Karan Yao, Michael Radford, Myungki Lee, Renzo Carlos, Rishabh Sharma, Thais Schilipack


Web UI Designer


Sep - Dec, 2019


This page is only included design-focused parts instead of the whole contents. If you want to see the full version of this project, click here!



The Sean Ward Show has an impressive YouTube audience of 4.2 million subscribers, but its digital presence is not being used to its full potential to individuate the show, create a fan community and promote merchandise sales.

The purpose of our project was to develop a digital strategy that would allow the Show to showcase its brand personality and transform its hashtag #TEAMSUPERFUNNY into a fan community on social media.

Our goal with the website redesign is to convey the Sean Ward Show’s unique personality, while promoting fan engagement that can improve sharing and merchandise sales.


  • Homepage

Section 1 - A Banner or Carousel that can be themed with current movie releases or promotions.

Section 2 - A quick Merchandise layout that promotes merchandises and links to the Tee-spring website.

Section 3 - A simple, preview version of the Events page that links directly to the Events page.

Section 4 - A simple, preview version of the Highlights page that links directly to the Videos page.

  • Event & Detail page

The Events page wireframe includes a list of all events TSF is attending and promotional events they are conducting. They are listed in reverse-chronological order, with upcoming events highlighted and past events faded but still accessible. Clicking on the call-to-action button on the right side brings the user to a more detailed page about the event.

Event _Detail
  • Video & Highlights page

Videos page is an archive for fans. With the filter feature, the user can browse the latest videos or watch videos by heroes, so they can select and watch their favorite hero. Also, if the company wants to advertise or emphasize new heroes to the fans, they can use the “Highlights” section to build a special page.


Final Design

Home page uses Bangers for the headings, and Poppins for the body text, both available on Google Fonts. It also uses the following colour palette: #172253, #EB1846, #252525, #FDCA58, #FFFFFF

Updated – 5.png


We recommended the client to hand off the wireframes to their web developer, who will implement our strategy and develop the website based on our design approach, and update Highlight pages monthly (or more frequent), keeping in mind the voice and tone guidelines to develop an overall brand personality for #TEAMSUPERFUNNY and The Sean Ward Show.

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